Agreements Of Courageous Conversations

08 avr Agreements Of Courageous Conversations

The course, moderated by EDUCATOREd from PCG, is based on the idea that one of the biggest obstacles to progress on racial issues is people`s discomfort with talking about it, so it gives participants the tools they need to conduct these difficult conversations. The current events added another layer of difficulty: teachers felt ill-equipped when students wanted to talk about stories full of racists that have appeared repeatedly in the news. For fear of making these conversations wrong, many teachers simply changed the subject. Watkins felt they needed help. « How do they make this very important conversation take place in their rooms, but they don`t make themselves vulnerable to a communication error and perhaps cost them their job? » An important element of the Courageous Conversations protocol is the Four Agreements, rules for participating in these difficult discussions. Even without taking the course, learning these four chords can shed light on what it takes to progress in a race conversation. It is not easy to talk about race. Whatever your ethnic background, conversations about race feel like they`re loaded with anti-personnel mines that are just waiting to begin. People become defensive. Or scared. No one wants to say the wrong thing. So often, we avoid talking about race.

Pacific Educational Group is a consulting firm dedicated to the development of racial justice. Over its 25-year history, its mission has extended from its initial focus on transforming PreK-12 and the United States. Higher education, business, non-profit organizations and law enforcement agencies in Canada, New Zealand and Australia are now broader. Pacific Educational Group was founded in 1992 by Glenn E. Singleton and is committed to racial justice in the United States and beyond. We work in long-term partnerships with training, coaching and consulting with organizations to transform beliefs, behaviours and outcomes, so that people of all races can reach their highest level and lead their most powerful and powerful lives. This contribution includes Amazon`s affiliate links. If you make a purchase on these links, cult of pedagogy gets a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

This is the idea behind Courageous Conversations About Race, an online course that teaches participants to talk about race. In February 2018, Broward County included 300 of its educators in the course and the results were significant. Participants who describe the course as a life change say they want each teacher to take it. Hey, Vanessa! I just contacted our interlocutor behind this article, but I would check the course myself to see if you can find contact information simply because you can listen back faster. Good luck! « Come to this conversation with the will to share what is real to us, even if what is real to us is not what is real to others, » Singleton says. But this is much easier said than done, which naturally leads to the third agreement. I`m taking your class in Broward County, Fl. I could really use some tips on how to start programs with CCAR tools in our Park Springs Elementary School. Where`s the best starting point? Any ideas? I don`t want to offend anyone, but I would like it to be welcoming and welcoming to others.

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