Does The Good Friday Agreement Prohibit A Hard Border

17 sept Does The Good Friday Agreement Prohibit A Hard Border

When I ask this question, I am really not asking for speculation. It is clear that the GFA is based on the existence of an island where there are no physical borders. But on the subject of such borders, he remains silent. In April 2019, former WTO Director-General and EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy said that « staying in a customs union after Brexit will not solve the Irish border issue ». Leaving the single market restores a border whose strength depends on the degree of regulatory divergence. » [40] The impact of Brexit on the Irish border concerns changes in the areas of trade, customs, immigration control, the local economy, services, recognition of qualifications, medical cooperation and other post-Brexit issues, and thus on the border between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom on the island of Ireland, which becomes the only external border of the EU between the United Kingdom and the European Union. The Irish government`s Brexit website (« for current information ») was broadcast live (12 February 18), which included two key documents « Ireland and the UK`s exit negotiations from the European Union » (17 May) and « Brexit Ireland`s Priorites » (17 March), which included the prevention of a hard border. (Added February 12, 18). On October 2, Johnson presented a possible replacement for the 2018 Irish backstop and proposed that Northern Ireland remain aligned with the EU when it comes to product standards, while remaining on UK customs territory. This would require product controls between Britain and Northern Ireland, but no customs controls for goods that would have to remain in the UK.

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