Deliveroo Agreement

17 sept Deliveroo Agreement

Contact for more details or if you have any questions. These terms apply to your access to and use of the delivery service to and our mobile application (the Platform). This service is provided by Deliveroo or by us (Roofoods Ltd company number 08167130). The registered address of Roofoods Ltd is The River Building, Level 1 Cannon Bridge House, 1 cousin Lane, London EC4R 3TE. We know that these GTC are quite long to read! You can find a summary in the Deliveroo Plus Customers FAQ under All personal data you link to the App is collected, used, disclosed and managed in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is available under You agree that Deliveroo may process your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Each Party may not at any time, during the course of this Agreement and for a period of two years from the date of termination of this Agreement, use or communicate to any person confidential information concerning the transaction, business, customers, customers or suppliers of the other Party, unless this is necessary for the performance of its obligations or the exercise of its rights in accordance with these Terms. A party may disclose the other party`s confidential information if required to do so by law, to the extent permitted. If you use your e-gift card on our website or app, Deliveroo`s terms and conditions apply to

Welcome to Deliveroo. On this page (together with the documents mentioned therein), you will find the terms and conditions (the applicable « Terms ») when you order menu items (the « Items ») from our website or mobile applications and related services (so-called « Application »). Deliveroo E Gift Cards can only be redeemed for the purchase of menu items from or the Deliveroo AU app. Wait a minute. I was thinking of something. You know that the first time we signed up, the supplier`s agreement said how much we would be paid per drop. Mine was £3.75. And it was signed. We now know that Deliveroo has reduced its so-called pricing structure.

Isn`t it possible for them to be dragged before the law if they don`t respect their supplier agreement? I don`t want to. Just ask. Second, they said that if we received a little less than we had done, they would pay for the difference. With this discount, isn`t it obvious that you earn less now than before? It`s curious. In addition to these conditions, the purchase of e-gift cards is subject to the general conditions of delivery on These terms apply to your access to and use of table service on (if you are in the UK) or (if you are in Ireland) and our mobile app (the Platform). . . .

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