Treasury Board Cs Collective Agreement

13 avr Treasury Board Cs Collective Agreement

41.4 A duty duty officer who is called to work and shows up for work is compensated in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. 42.2 If there is disagreement over the application of this clause, the parties consult with the resolution of disputes. Bargaining Partners: UNIFOR Collective Agreement Airtime: June 30, 2022 Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Arbitration 51.4 Parties may, by mutual agreement, use a mediator to resolve a discrimination complaint. The selection of the mediator is done by mutual agreement. Notwithstanding point 31.9.1 above, a worker who, at the time of signing the collective agreement, was a member of the collective agreement unit, retains, for the purposes of « service delivery » and to determine his entitlement, the previous periods of service previously qualified for counting as a permanent employment until the end of his employment. 20.2 The themes of the National Joint Council that may be included in a collective agreement are the points designated as such by the parties to the Council`s common national conventions or on which the President of the Public Service Labour Relations Board ruled in accordance with the c) of the joint agreement of the National Council that came into force on 6 December. 1978. Subject to the provisions of Articles 17.5 and 215 of the PSLRA, the association may, on behalf of workers in the bargaining unit who feel aggrieved by the interpretation or application of a provision of the collective agreement or arbitration award, submit a group complaint to the Council on behalf of the workers in the bargaining unit. Bargaining Partners: Federal Government Dockyard Trades and Labour Council (Esquimalt) (West) (FGDTLC (W)) Collective Agreement Expiry Date: January 30, 2023 Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Arbitration The provisions of this collective agreement are implemented by the parties within one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date of signing. E-2.01 When a worker is on board a ship in a service location and suffers the loss of clothing or personal effects (reasonably expected to accompany the worker on board a ship), the value of these items will be reimbursed to the worker up to $1,000 ($1,000). 56.2 Under no circumstances can the maximum compensation provided for in this article be pyramided. For greater security, payments under paragraphs 56.9 to 56.12 of Schedule E or similar provisions in other collective agreements are considered a termination benefit for the management of this clause.

This payment is also included in the Labour Adjustment (CEF) calculations for the maximum total redundancy benefits to which a surplus worker is entitled under the NRC CEF Directive. In the event of alleged misinterpretation or misapsed under agreements of the National Joint Council (NJC) of the Public Service on matters that may be included in a collective agreement and approved by the parties to this agreement, the appeal procedure will be in accordance with the NJC-By-Laws. These transitional provisions apply to workers who were placed on leave on the date or after the signing of this agreement and who were on leave. 5.1 The parties to this agreement recognize the mutual benefits of joint consultation and are willing to engage in discussions on issues of common interest; these discussions will not affect the position that the Council or association wishes to adopt in the future on whether to regulate the issues through the provisions of collective agreements. 23.1 The Council recognises the right of the association to appoint worker directors, subject to the agreement of both parties in accordance with paragraph

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