What Is Agreement Frame In Nlp

15 oct What Is Agreement Frame In Nlp

2. Identify common themes or elements of the two frameworks The basic idea of the agreement framework is: Say « yes and » instead of « yes, but ». To say yes » means to follow (rhythm). You paraphrase or repeat what your interlocutor says. To say « and » is to lead. Then you lead with your ideas and encouragement. As a result, in Milton`s model, « and » is always used instead of « but ». By the way, here`s what shouldn`t be said when applying the framework of the agreement: the last element of the framework of the agreement changes to guide the person with whom we communicate towards the desired outcome, that is, usually when people disagree with someone, they use the word « but » to anticipate their own point of view. « But » has the effect of denying or erasing the inner representation of what has been said before, even if this inner representation is strongly positive – as in the case of « I love you, but… » » What is the NLP contractual framework? How exactly can you use it? In this article, you will find the exact words you should use and the exact words you should avoid. Read along and find out how the frame works. Start noticing people around you who disagree with with every other. When you do this, mentally note what was said and what the result was, as well as what you notice about the condition of the people involved. When you have a moment of calm, think about how many ways to change what was said and think about how the result might have been different.

These are just things to think about if you notice disagreements around you. And Benjamin Franklin also liked the framework of chords: in the second example, B uses one of the above forms of chord framework – I agree… and….. Flexibility is important for effective communication. If you avoid the resistance of others, others get involved in what you say and open up to new ideas. Avoiding negations such as « but » and « but » in communication goes a long way in eliminating resistance from others. The framework of the agreement allows you to converse with other different points of view, without creating resistance from others or compromising one`s own values and beliefs. It`s obvious that people don`t like it when you disagree with them, so the « trick » here is to agree first, then use « and » – and then add your opinion or point of view.

During this process, you need to be sincere in your approach and know that you should not say that you appreciate, respect or agree with what they say if you do not. Your words must be carefully selected. The framework of the agreement encompasses each negative so that the communication as a whole is received in a positive light. 3. Identify a parent meta-framework that includes both sets of frames If you manage it better, you can of course do it in real time, both with the framing of what others are saying and with your own language. « Awesome! » I thought. It wasn`t until I called him the week before the date to check how he knew how to find us that I found out he had meant to say, « I`d love that, *but* I`m working in London that day (so I won`t be able to make it). » Note that in none of these cases is there a real agreement, « You might be right » leaves the door open to « You may also be wrong ». The framework of agreement template is useful when two parties cannot agree on something. There are usually 4 strategies to choose from when it comes to disagreements: In the meantime, when there is no common ground. DON`T KEEP GOING! Reconsider whether both parties want to resolve the problem and create common ground, then go back if necessary until a common framework is established.

If it`s clear to everyone where the similarities lie, then go for it. Also, if you miss or misunderstood a small detail of what the person meant, even if it`s not relevant to their main point, they can use it to show in their own head that you don`t understand them at all. .

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